Acai Berry Supplements – Protecting Yourself Online

Acai berries (açai berries), one of the most popular anti-aging, antioxidant rich foods in the world, has unfortunately been pinpointed as a product used by scam artists. However, are these so-called acai berry scams really scams, or simply dishonesty that can be avoided with a little attention from consumers?

One of the so-called acai berry scams prevalent online today are the “free trials” that companies offer. This method is used in many different industries, but the acai berry supplement industry has been getting a lot of attention. How does the method work? A company offers a free trial of their product for which you only need to pay the shipping. When you enter your credit card information, however, the fine print signs you up for a monthly membership for the product. Many people are charged for at least a month for a product that they did not realize they signed up for before they call to cancel their membership. The company therefore makes revenue that it would not otherwise get. Is the method ethical? Not really. Can consumers avoid it? Absolutely! Consumers need to be more aware of the agreements they are signing up for online, especially when giving their credit card number. However, if consumers keep track of the date they sign up for the offer and when they need to cancel the membership if they do not wish to continue receiving the product, it is usually safe to give these products a try!

Another so-called acai berry scam that has received press is the variable quality of acai berry products that are on the market. Acai berries are available in many forms, including acai juice, frozen fruit pulp, powders, and supplement pills. Because the beneficial components of the acai berry can degrade over time, certain juices, pulps, and powders can lose their potency while being shipped all the way from Brazil. Food chemistry research suggests that supplements created from freeze-dried acai fruit contain the most antioxidants, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Many companies need to have additives to prevent caking or preserve the acai supplements. Some companies, however, use too many unnecessary additives and not enough acai, making their so-called supplements useless.

Consumers can protect themselves from scams being run online, still try acai berry products through free trials, and find an acai berry supplement that benefits them in the end. Acai is one of the greatest superfoods in the world today. Read the offers, know what you are getting, and start reaping the benefits of this great supplement!

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